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You will recognize the long festive bottles of Casal Domingo in all convenience and grocery stores.

Blend of non-alcoholic wine, juice and soda, Casal Domingo recalls the atmosphere of the tropics!

Here are our 7 flavours available in their 341 mL format.

355 mL

Zinfandel Blush is often associated with California winemaking because of its popularity in that state. Until 1998, it was the most-planted grape variety in California, and it currently represents more than 10% of plantings there. Zinfandel’s bouquet is characterized by red berries and touches of blackberry, liquorice and black pepper…making it a perfect pairing with strawberry aromas.

355 mL

Cabernet is one of the world’s most diverse and abundant families of grape varieties. In France, it is grown mainly in the Bordeaux area, the Southwest and the Loire Valley. With its rich aromas of black fruits, violets and raspberries, it has a distinctive taste that pairs beautifully with the flavours of blackcurrants.

355 mL

Pinot Grigio, a grape variety grown mainly in northern Italy, has a light, fresh character. It is almost colourless and has quite a punchy level of acidity, offering notes of green apples that pair wonderfully well with the pear aromas of our spritzer. The name also designates wines produced from Pinot Gris grapes in other countries such as Australia, the USA, Argentina, Canada, etc.


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